Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello again,
I talked with Mike tonight. The team is doing pretty good, a couple of them are dealing with some minor things health wise, so please pray for protection for the team.
Plans changed again today as they quite often do in Haiti. The team started the day out with a prayer walk around the orphanage grounds, the medical clinic, the church and school. Mike had a staff meeting today, kind of a teaching and explaining time for the nanny's, cooks, and laundry workers about the new facilities. The team also finished hooking up the stove, and they painted the cross on the mountain with the industrial reflective paint. Our Doctor was in today, and a couple of team members spent time with him. He will be there tomorrow also. In the afternoon the team was able to visit a rabbit farm. Our July team will be helping us to start our rabbit farming, so Mike was trying to check out resources,ect. ahead of time.
Tomorrow morning the team will be heading up to Peru. They will be visiting the school and community. They will also be seeing the boy who can not walk, we prayed for him on the last trip. We prayed for him during the revival and again the next day at his home. He later with his mother's full support, managed to hobble to us back at the church as we built benches for the church and school. I believe at that point he had partial healing. We have since brought both him and his family a gift and food package. We now have a family in Bellingham that is sponsoring him and his family through us. They want to help bless him and his family. I am super excited for the team to meet him and pray for him some more. I believe some day he will walk and run with the other children. I believe also that we can be a witness to the community that we value children that have special needs, by spending time with him and his family, and by supporting him and his family and by going to his home each visit. I think that God will be glorified through this and that the community's view of God will be that even though God is the Creator he is a loving, compassionate God who sees us and cares enough to want relationship with us no matter who we are and what we have done. I would very much desire to be present to see this boy healed, but I also want him to be healed now, so please pray for him and the team tomorrow as they minister to him and his family. I have high expectations :)
In the afternoon the team will be evangelizing house to house like I talked about in yesterdays e-mail. Again please pray for boldness, discernment, words, healings and salvation's. Pray that the Holy Spirit has gone before them and prepared hearts.
Thank you so much for your prayers, as I have said before without them we could do nothing. Prayer literally moves mountains.

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