Friday, March 18, 2011


I spoke with Mike earlier tonight. The team is doing great. And Yahoo!!! the kids are finally in their rooms and sleeping for the first night. We received the beds in February, but did not have enough nanny's or supervision for them to sleep in the rooms. On the January trip Mike and I were able to hire and arrange for 3 nanny's, but we have 7 of the 11 rooms filled with children, so we needed a minimum of 7 nanny's. 'Grandma,' the mother of the cook we had that died, has said she would be willing to be our 4th, she is a very sweet older lady. Nathan and Mike were able to arrange for three temporary nanny's, so the children are finally moved in. We have one girl who has been to Haiti with us, that will be moving to Haiti when the May team goes. She will stay until July and come home with the July team and then decide if she wants to move to Haiti for a long term stay. So she will be a 5th nanny. We are trying to keep the orphanage more family style instead of institutional, which is why we have separate living spaces instead of one or more large ones. We have about 6 children per room and nanny. We are hoping this will result in better care of the children with no one slipping between the cracks. We will have all of the children eating together though, so that we know nutritionally what each child is getting. Please pray that Mike is able to find and hire a couple more nanny's. Anybody up for sponsoring nanny's :) Tonight the team had a great prayer and worship time with the children right before bed, but I bet the sleeping is short tonight due to excitement and the newness sleeping in their own bed. They are used to sleeping on the ground together like sardines. Some of the little ones will probably miss the comfort of sleeping together. They also will have light in the rooms for a few hours in the evening which is a new thing. In Haiti when it gets dark you just keep on going like when it rains around here. If you let the rain stop you, you would never do anything. In Haiti they don't let the dark stop them. So lights from our new generator will be a big deal.

Nathan also hired two new security men to watch over the orphanage. The security wall is almost completed, the large gate our welder made just needs to be installed.

The team was able to put in the gas piping for the stove, and they poured one of the cement mop sinks for the laundry room. Two of our cooks are willing to learn how to use the propane stove, so please pray for them to learn quickly, it will be quite a bit different then cooking over an open fire. It will be healthier for them also.

The team worked on projects and was also able to go into town today, which is always fun and interesting.

Tomorrow the team will complete some of the projects they started today. Also tomorrow Mike will be teaching our Good Shepherd pastors, and Mike will be meeting with the two pastors that are head of the pastor's association we have, in regards to the pastor's conference during the May trip.

So please pray for God's presence in both of these meetings.

We also are looking into adding a couple of children to the orphanage which will bring us up to 46 children, 30 of which will be boys. Thanks for your prayers.



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