Sunday, March 20, 2011

The team had another great day.
When I talked to Mike today he said that the Pastor's conference was a powerful time. He said the message he shared was pretty intense. After he finished speaking he had the Pastors stand down the middle isle of the church. Then he had the team wrap around the pastors and pray for them. There were many words and pictures shared. Then all the pastors prayed for the team. Mike said 1/2 the team was in tears, they were so touched. The Holy Spirit was definitely present. Thank you so much for praying.
The team finished off a few more projects today. They will only have one more 1/2 day during the rest of the trip to do projects. The rest of the time will be more ministry and relationship oriented. They will also be visiting our ministries in Peru and Gonaives.
To night the team spent time on the medical clinic stairs singing and playing with the children. They also passed out glo-sticks, which is one of the highlights of the trips for the children. They had never seen them before our teams started bringing them down. It is hard for them to get their mind wrapped around a stick glowing after you break it. One of the other highlights is soccer, we try to always bring at least a couple of balls. The terrain is so tough most of the balls only last a couple of weeks. Soccer is the only sport we have seen played, and they play hard. Some even playing barefoot and winning the best of the team members that go with us. Try to picture no equipment or protection whatsoever, no coaching or training and playing barefoot on extremely rocky soil (which destroys leather soccer balls in weeks) and winning Americans and Canadians, young and old a like :)
Mike said the peace in the orphanage continues to amaze him and the team members that have been on trips before.
Tomorrow Nathan teaches in Peru and Mike in Marose as I mentioned yesterday. They will each have 1/2 the team with them. Please pray that the Holy Spirit prepares the way and that God moves.
As some of you know we usually try to take a new food or something that the children would not have had before like the caramel apples in October. This team chose to make Rice Krispie treats for the children. So in the afternoon the team will be making them. The team will also be taking updated photos of the orphan children.
Please remember to pray for the team in the evening as they each share their testimonies in Marose.

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