Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello again,

The team had another great day, or maybe I should say peaceful. Mike has commented the last two times I have talked to him how peaceful it felt on the orphanage grounds. Usually there is so much going on it seems to be anything but peaceful, and to new team members it can appear k-otic. ( not sure if that is even a real word, but I am sure you get the point) So to hear these words come out of Mikes mouth is amazing. I think part of it, is up until now the orphanage has been right beside one of the main highways going north. Now the children are in the new orphanage part way up the mountain. Because it is located further from the road there are also less people from the area just hanging around, which should make if safer for the children.

The team started out the early morning by climbing up the mountain to our cross, which hopefully at some point this trip will be painted with reflective paint. You can actually see the cross from over the river and from the other side of the valley. Which is about 30 mins. away.Anyway they started the morning, which usually includes watching the sun come up, on the mountain praying and having devotions. It is one of my favorite places as is the medical steps early in the morning watching the sun come up and still feeling the last bits of the cooler night air and hearing very little noise. Haiti can be extremely noisy at times.

The team was able to get some of the projects done, one being finishing up the bins for each child. They sorted through donated shoes and clothes for this trip and added them to the bins. Mike said the kids were thrilled as the team wrote their names on the bins. The team was also able to get all of the other finished rooms cleaned out. And they were able to stencil two of the rooms with the scriptures I felt were supposed to go in them. The Kitchen scripture is Colossians 3:23-24, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving". The Food Depot scripture is Philippians 4:19 "And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." The verses are stenciled in Haitian Creole so that all that can read will understand them and be encouraged. The team also put in hose bibs and some more plumbing. And our kitchen now has the stainless steel prep tables in it. Again not the way food has been prepared in the past :) Mike met with the workers to encourage them today. Also he said the meeting with the Good Shepherd pastor's went well today, as did the meeting to discuss the May pastors conference.

Our Haitian contractor poured the lid for the septic system (one of the few in Haiti :) )which will finish up the septic system. All of the large projects we hire Haitians to do, it makes little sense to us to bring teams down to take away jobs that can help a Haitian family and the economy of the village. So the teams do the little things or the really technical projects. Even something as simple as the painting the inside and outside of the building we hire Haitians to do.

In the afternoon the team walked across the river to visit Nathans grandfather's property, this is where we grow our corn, beans and banana trees. It is amazing how fast banana trees grow, you can almost see them grow.They produce one large crop of bananas and then they die while the roots produce new shoots which then become next seasons banana trees. Their root system spreads pretty fast, kind of like bamboo.

Tomorrow is the Pastors association meeting. They are expecting about 50 pastors, they are from all different denominations agreeing to set aside their differences and come together to reach the lost. Please pray for Mike as he encourages and shares with them. Pray for the Holy spirit to touch them and fill them up.

Sunday Nathan will preach in Peru and Mike in Marose, 1/2 the team will travel to Peru with Nathan and 1/2 will stay in Marose with Mike. Please pray for Mike and Nathan as they teach, that the Holy Spirit will move on the people. Sunday evening the team members will all have the opportunity to share their testimony with the community in Marose. Again they would appreciate your prayers as this is something some have not done, and it is out of some of their comfort zones, it can be powerful to both the team and those listening.Well that's all for tonight.Thanks so much for your prayers



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