Monday, March 21, 2011

I spoke with Mike tonight. Today was election day for Haiti, unrest was expected, but the elections turned out to be less eventful than anticipated. Many places were closed, our church in Marose chose to cancel their service also.The results will not be shared with the public until April 1st, please pray for the results. Because of this, the whole team went to Peru and Mike taught instead of Pastor Nathan. Mike said the ministry time was very good. Because of the elections, tomorrow is also a holiday. The team was planing to go up to Peru to visit our school tomorrow, but will now wait until Tuesday.
After church in Peru, the team went back to the orphanage and made the Rice Krispie treats. Pastor Perry (from the association)
brought a girl's group to sing,worship and pray over each room. Our team served the Rice Krispies treats at the celebration/ dedication of the first two buildings of the orphanage being finished
Our EMT and his wife also finished the organization of the medical clinic, which is great, it will help the doctor and nurses and we will have a better idea of how quickly things are going and what we should be collecting. The teams also had a craft project for the children, making bathroom bags out of pencil boxes. They had the children decorate them and then filled them with things such as washcloth's, toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap.
Mike said that Nadine (Nathans sister) brought him one of the curtains made up in the fabric we brought her on the last trip.
They hang these curtains in the windows and in the doorways. The Haitians like to leave the doors open all day, for fresh air, but hanging these sheer curtains in the doorway helps to keep airflow going and also helps to keep bugs out. Mike said they turned out beautiful.
Tomorrow the team will be doing door to door evangelism. 1/2 the team will go with Pastor Nathan and 1/2 will go with Mike. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare the way as he promises. They will go through out the village of Marose, because of relationship with Pastor Nathan and his father Pastor Nathaniel and the ability to then disciple them at our church. Please pray also for the team for boldness,compassion and words for them to share with the people.Thank you so much for all your prayers we really appreciate them.

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