Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The team has safely made it up to the orphanage. They are all doing well. They have some prayer requests for tomorrow. The first is Mike will be meeting with a representative from the world food program. They are the world's largest organization distributing food. Please pray that the meeting goes well. Since we are starting school in Peru (pay-roo) this fall, we believe our school count will be closer to 400 children that we will be giving a meal to 5 days a week. So some extra food would be very helpful. We have a little over 1/2 of the children sponsored at the $10 a month, which is for books, school supplies, a uniform and the one meal a day.
The team will also be doing crafts with the orphanage children tomorrow and passing out gifts
from the sponsors.
The team will also be holding a prayer meeting where Maurice's family lives. If you remember Maurice was our medical tech that passed away. We connected to the village of Peru through some of his relatives who came to his funeral. His family has been under spiritual attack lately and have asked for prayer. There will most likely be opportunity to share about Jesus at the prayer meeting, so please lift them up in prayer. Thanks so much for your prayer support, we really depend on it.

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  1. My prayers are constant for my Patti, Elke and the awesome team that surrounds them on this wonderful mission. God Belss each of you on this day...

    xoxox, Becky R