Friday, August 6, 2010


I spoke with Mike today. Everyone is doing well. The children have enjoyed seeing some of the returning team members that they had become friends with. The team had fun passing out gifts from the sponsors to each of the children.
The team also did some sorting of the containers that arrived a few weeks ago. Then the girls did crafts with the children, while Jeremy and Scott organized the medical clinic. Mike, Evan and Jacob planned the lay out for the pipes that will bring the water into the orphanage buildings from the well. They hope to find a few critical pieces that they need in town tomorrow, so that they can lay the pipe, which will bring us one step closer to moving the children into the new building.
The team went to Maurice's for the prayer meeting. They shared and prayed. One prayer in particular was for a little boy that appeared to have strep throat and a fever. He seemed to feel better and his fever left, after they prayed. Mike said he will check on him again tomorrow.
The team also hiked across the river and on the other side for awhile and visited Nathan's grandfather. They were pleased to see that fields had been planted. Mike said our corn was about 6 feet high already. The rains had filled up the irrigation ditches enough for crops to be planted in spite of the government breaking the irrigation system when they worked on the road. This is very good news for the people in the area.
Jeremy caught a tarantula today . And as Mike was speaking to me some of the team and children were catching frogs in the dark. I could hear them in the background. :)
Tomorrow morning will be the beginning of a 3 day youth event in the area. Our team will be participating for a couple of hours each day. They will be sharing testimonies, doing skits, teaching, praying, ect.
So prayer needs for tomorrow are for the team as they meet with the youth in the area. Also for finding the right connecting pieces for the pipe work in town (harder than you might think). Thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer.

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