Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another update from Haiti:) The team is doing well and says they want to bring the kids home. They have been having a great time building relationships with the children.
Mike said they found most of the pipe fittings that they needed in town. They have the majority of the pipe laid, they just need to make a few adjustments before they turn the water on. So thanks for your prayers.
There was no meeting with USA aid about the trees today, because the man meeting with them had car trouble, so the meeting is supposed to take place tomorrow afternoon.
One of the team members was sick this morning, but is better tonight. Also Dr. Ralph called and said he and his family were in a car accident but everyone is okay. The enemy would love to stop us from helping the people. It is so important to keep persevering in prayer, please keep praying for protection and good health.
The youth event has been going well. Mike taught them today and Jeremy taught them for the second time today.
Mike talked with Pastor Nathaniel, he is director of our school in Marose and he is Nathan's father, he said they already have almost 200 from Marose signed up for school in the fall. That does not include our schools in Peru or Gonaives. Mike asked about the results of the National 6th grade test. They said they still do not have the test results, but will let us know as soon as they do.
The meeting with the orphanage staff was very encouraging. Mike taught the Good Shepherd pastors
for 3 hours today and he said it was a very good time.
Tomorrow the team will go up very early in the morning to visit Pastor Perry's church. Mike will be teaching there. Nathan has also planned a choir presentation. So the team will be able to experience that.The team will then go back to our church in Marose right before it is over, for ministry time, please pray that God moves in both places.
We do really appreciate your prayers, like I have said before, we could not do all that we do without your partnering in prayer with us. Many Blessings,

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