Monday, August 9, 2010


The team is doing great. They had a huge celebration at Pastor Perry's church this morning. It turned out to be a celebration of the first anniversary of our Pastor's association. They had all the pastor's attend and introduced each one. They had a choir presentation and Mike preached. He said the celebration lasted about 3 hours and there were about 400 people attending. They went back to Marose for lunch and then around 4:00 they went back to Perry's for the second part of the celebration which also included worship and dramas. They arrived back in Marose at about 9:00. So the second part of celebration lasted almost 5 hours. They said it was a lot of fun.
Tomorrow they will have the pastor association's regular get together and Mike will be teaching again. Also our son Jeremy who majored in religious studies at Trinity Western will get a chance to teach. Please pray that God will minister to these pastors.
In Haiti a pastor is rarely a paid position and many have given up a lot to follow God's calling on their lives.
Mike still was not able to meet with USA aid, about the trees for reforestation. I guess now the meeting has been moved til tomorrow.
Madame Nathan was not feeling well today. Please pray for her health. She has an ongoing health problem that she eventually will need surgery for.
On a positive note, Mike checked on the little boy named Benji who the team prayed for earlier in the week. He seems healed, he no longer has a fever or anything. Praise God!!!!!!
Again blessings and thanks so very much for all of your prayers.

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