Saturday, August 7, 2010

I talked with Mike tonight. He said the youth event went well today. Thank you for your prayers. They will be participating again tomorrow and would appreciate more prayer.
The meeting with World Food went well, so now we can fill out a formal request for food help for our 3 schools.
Mike will also be meeting with U.S.A. aid tomorrow. We are hoping to be able to receive native trees
from them. We would like to plant them on the mountain behind the orphanage, to try and build up the soil, and stop erosion. Reforestation is important because most of the land has been stripped of natural resources and the topsoil washes away into the river and then into the bay. Please pray that this is also a favorable meeting.The coordinates of the land put us on the edge of what they believe is land that the trees will be successful on. The trees grow fast, and are deciduous so thier leaves become compost to build up the soil and they bear fruit that can be harvested for the oil they produce.
Tomorrow Mike will also have a staff meeting for all the Good Shepherd Orphanage workers. Please pray that they are encouraged. He then will spend time teaching the four Good Shepherd pastors. Please pray that God moves as he teaches. Thanks again for your prayers.

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