Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello again,
This morning the team went to the market and spent time in Gonaives. They enjoyed seeing the city side of Haiti, it is an eye opener to say the least.
Also 1/2 of the roof was poured (cement) on phase 2 of our orphanage building. It is getting closer to being finished Yeah!
The team feed the poor today and said it was both good and hard. The ministry we partner with in doing this then came back to our orphanage for lunch and worship and prayer. Usually we have lunch at their place. So it was nice to host them this time.
Each trip we try to bring something that the orphanage children have not seen or tried before. This trip the team brought popcorn and
cooked it the old fashion way, in a large kettle over an open fire. Which is how all of our meals are cooked. (we can not wait to get them up off the dirt floor and out of the enclosed hut in which they cook over an open fire). When the orphanage is done they will have a clean kitchen with a commercial propane stove. Anyway the popcorn was a hit. The children loved it.
Thank you for your prayers for Nathan, we have been assured that the director of the Gonaives IBSER will write us a letter of recommendation and give it to IBSER in Port-au-Prince.
Also the boys were able to find all the needed parts for laying the pipe. So the pipe work is laid and waiting to be hooked up to
sinks, showers, toilets, ect. Again thanks for all of your prayers.
Tomorrow the team will head to Port-au-Prince. They fly out in the late afternoon. This time they have some extremely long layovers
and will not fly into Seattle until Friday night at about 10:40 pm. Please pray for them, this will be a long 2 days of travel, especially if
they have missed connections like every other time. We would really appreciate your prayers for safe travel. Also for each of the team members as they try to seek God and figure out how what they have experienced fits into their lives at home.

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