Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prayer Partners: Notice that I said "Back Again" instead of home again. Home is both places for me now. Anyway, We had a great trip with a great team. It was very rewarding to have two of my sons with me on this trip, Jake and Jeremiah. They have been a big part of this ministry and I appreciate them tremendously. I appreciate so much the updates that Chris, my beautiful wife, sends out daily. It's not easy for her when I leave her with all the duties and responsibilities of home and small children, as I am in Haiti.
We encountered quite a bit of spiritual battle going on all around us, but the team fought gallantly and held their position well. We saw satin losing battles in the sky, and the prevailing victories of our great Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. One of the highlights that Chris was unable to disclose while on the trip until Julia could notify her family and friends, was that she, along with several Haitian adults was baptized in the river at Marose. It was a fantastic celebration of the spirit. And it will be a part of Julia's walk with God that she will never forget. We applaud her faith and stand buy her as she continues to push on with God's generous grace and assistance. The team loved on our orphans with passion and grace and were sad to leave for home. We also made great strides in our continuing support and training of the pastors of some 35 churches in the area of "Life Giving Churches". Please continue to pray for us and the victories that God is placing into our hands as we push hard to reach the lost and hurting and needy in Haiti................Mike

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