Monday, April 5, 2010

Pray Partners,
Our next team leaves for Haiti tomorrow at 12:00 PM. Please pray for safe travel. The three containers are on the docks in Gonaives. The paper work is supposed to be finished Friday, so the team can distribute them. Please prayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Everything in Haiti seems to be done on Haiti time. Sometimes it feels like we are trying to move literal mountains.
Our clinic's doctor, Dr. Ralph has started staying over night and working an extra day each week for free. Please pray for the funding to come in to pay for this second day each week, we would really like to be able to pay them for their work. We have hired a new nurse to replace Maurice in the medical clinic, so this will make 1 doctor and 3 nurses. Some exciting news, Dr. Ralph's wife had a baby boy. She flew to Boston just 4 days before the earthquake. They live in Port-au-Prince, so when the earthquake hit they decided she should stay stateside. So the baby was born in Boston. We are also very blessed this trip, as we have a doctor from our area going with the team this time. He will be working with our clinic on the days it is open and he will be observing so he can offer advise and help to our staff.

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