Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello again,
I heard from Mike tonight. I do not always get to hear so often. But it is good to be able to pass on prayer and praise reports. The team started the morning with worship up on the mountain behind our new, almost finished orphanage building. Mike said the meeting with the pastor's association went really well. He said God really moved. Mike and Nathan were able to talk with the man in charge of our containers on the docks. They were
told all the paper work is back from Port-au-Prince and that when Perrie (sp?) goes into work tomorrow if it " works fine" they will be able to get the containers tomorrow. Mike is not sure what "works fine" means. Please pray for God's favor and for God to move the mountains. Ultimately God is
the only one that can make it work. Adam and Phil felt led to make a huge cross today. They want to paint it tomorrow and put it up on the mountain. Tonight the team went to church again, and Mike (another Mike on the team, not my husband) shared his testimony during church.
This is such a powerful thing to be able to do in another country. Also today the girls on the team decided to wash the feet of the women who work
at the orphanage. This too is very powerful. It shows value, respect and honor, also that we do not think we are better than them, but sisters in Christ. The other part of the team chose to work on pipe lines from the three 1000 gallon tanks to the well. They decided to wait until tomorrow to install the pump in the well. They are going to put a spigot on at least one tank so the water can be used even though we do not have the water lines laid for the medical clinic and orphanage. Those will be done on a future trip. Tomorrow the team gets to attend a community wedding. Mike will be speaking at the wedding. Please pray for what he shares. In the afternoon Mike will be meeting with our group of Good Shepherd pastors. Please pray for this meeting also. And tomorrow Dr.Thompson leaves for Port-au-Prince to join our team. Please pray for safe flights and travel for him. He will be bringing quite a bit of medicine with him. In the past he has sometimes been allowed to bring medicine into a country and sometimes they take it away. So please pray that both the US officials and the Haitian officials allow him to bring it in. The medpacks are specifically for third world countries, so it is very important to us. Again thanks so much for all of your prayers, God moves when we ask him. Blessings,

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