Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mike called and said the day went well. One of the highlights was passing out the gifts from some of the sponsors to their children. They also passed out shoes and sandals that the team brought down. Another highlight was church tonight. Nathan was asked to preach at another church so his father, also a pastor, asked Mike to give the message at our church and more than 15 people gave their lives to the Lord. No word on the container yet. Mike and Nathan will go to the dock tomorrow morning to check. Please pray for favor and success.They did not get the pump in the well today, but they were able to get the needed pieces so it is all laid out and ready to go in tomorrow morning. Tomorrow during the afternoon is our pastor's association meeting. Please pray for the pastor's and Mike as he will be teaching. For those of you that do not know, this is a group of pastors that Nathan and Mike have gathered. It includes pastors from different Christian denominations that have agreed to put aside their differences and come together to reach and help the people of Haiti. It is a very exciting group. Thanks so much for you prayers.

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