Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am writing this late Tuesday night or rather early Wednesday morning. Hopefully most of you will read this in the morning in time to pray.
Tonight Mike asked for everyone to please pray for two specific things. The first being the containers. Nathan spent the entire day going between Perrie on the docks and the Red cross president of Gonaives. He was told that they would be able to pick up the containers in the morning. Please
pray for the containers to be released to us physically and spiritually. The second thing the team would like prayer for is the crusade in Peru. This was supposed to take place 3 nights in a row. Monday night when they got to Peru it started pouring. Rain is not a big deal where we live. But in Haiti there are not many places to get out of the rain. In Peru there are not either. They did have a prayer meeting, but because of the rain they were not able to use the sound system and instruments like they wanted. When it rains in Haiti it does not mess around it pours. Then on the way home most of the vehicles got stuck in the mud in the dark, which is much darker than around here. They were able to dig them out and go home. Tonight by the time Nathan had returned from the docks it was already pouring, so the team opted to stay and pray instead of go to Peru. Tomorrow will be the last night to go up to Peru. They believe it is just the enemy's attempt to stop the team from sharing the love of God with Peru. So please pray that the team will be able to bring God's love to the people of Peru. Also Dr. Thompson will be leaving for Port-au-Prince in the late afternoon and flying out Thursday morning, please remember to keep him in your prayers for safe travel. On a note of praise! We were able to break ground today on phase 2 of our orphanage! This part will have the bathrooms and showers, along with a kitchen and dinning room. As soon as this part is finished the children will be able to move in. Phase 1 has the rooms for sleeping. We can't wait to get these two buildings finished as some of the older boys are sleeping outside under a reed covering to make room for everyone. Phase 3 will be built after everyone has moved in. I have posted the team picture on our blog and a picture of the oxen plowing if your interested. The address is As a reminder to our Canadian friends, we have had a few checks from Canadians mailed to us at our US address. If you send them to our Canadian address you will be able to be receipted for them, as we now have official non-profit society status in Canada also. The address is
New Generation Haiti Canada, 24104 63 Ave., Langley, B.C. V2Y2G3.
Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer.

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