Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello again,
I talked with Mike tonight. The team has made it to the orphanage and are settling in.Two of the women were not feeling very good when the team flew out, but are doing well now. If you remember from the last trip, the city of Gonaives was having church services every night as part of a 43 days of prayer for Port-au-Prince. So first on the agenda once they reached the orphanage was church. Mike said the two projects tomorrow will be installing the pump in our well, bringing us one step closer to good water. This was supposed to have happened a few days after the earthquake, but that trip was cancelled. Also tomorrow they will be attempting to get photos of all the children attending our school in Marose. No small feat. It is hard enough to get photo updates of the orphanage children. When we ask for them all to come, we are always a few short, usually we need to ask a few times. Then by the time we think we have them all some have grown tired of waiting and we need to find them. Oh well, all in a day in Haiti, every culture has what they think is important. And on top of that they are children:) Please pray for the pump installation to go well. And
pray they are able to get photos of all the school children. I am not sure when they will attempt to get the photos of our school children in Gonaives. We originally thought this task to monumental, but a couple of women on the team have gone for that purpose. They had faith for the water walk and now for documenting the school children. Also please continue to pray for the containers to be released to us on Friday. Thanks for your prayers.

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