Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First the bad news, than the victory. Perri, the man who works at the docks in Gonaives, filled out the paperwork incorrectly for the containers. So 3 weeks later Nathan and the Gonaives Red Cross President are going to bring the paperwork correctly written out to Port-au-Prince themselves.They will leave at 5:00 in the morning.They believe this will release the containers to us. So pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee keep up the prayers. We will have victory through God. He knew ahead of time what would be involved.
The victory came tonight in Peru. The team walked the property and prayed over it. Then they went through out the community and met and invited people to come. Two other pastors came with our team and they both shared and Nathan and Mike both shared. They had a blast, they sang, they danced, they preached and more than 40 people gave their lives to the Lord. They believe God gave them the victory because they chose to trust in him instead of themselves. Praise God!!!!! On another note, the team was able to go to the big market today in town. A treat not all teams get to experience. Tomorrow they will have breakfast and prayer and then head for Bercy. Bercy is a town about 1 hour north of Port-au-Prince. There is a mission there that Nathan has relationship with, they allow our group to stay overnight when we need to. The team will be able to go into Port-au-Prince from there. I did not ask Mike, but I assume they will be helping and handing out needed items in Port-au-Prince. Please pray for their safe travel.
Also remember to pray for safe travel for Dr. Thompson, he left for Bercy this afternoon and will fly out of Port-au-Prince tomorrow morning.
Many Blessings,

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