Sunday, June 22, 2014

Update ... June 2nd

"The power of prayer to God, is so much more productive than all of our human resources or mental efforts could ever be." 

    We have endured the fierce battle daily, and have seen the strong tide of darkness being pushed back all week. We had such an amazing Sunday. We started at 6:30 am at the church at Pass Rien. People from 4 churches gathered to be baptized. Even though they had attended classes, I shared with them about the spiritual significance of this obedient outward display, and the transformation that Jesus and the Holy spirit were doing inside of each one of them. We had a big parade 100 strong, with marching band for about 1 1/2 miles down to the river. We baptized about 40 mostly young people. One demon manifested but was quickly extinguished in the presents of the Holy Spirit. What a great witness for the community looking on. We marched back up to the church for a 3 hour service which included our Good Shepherd coral, a couple of singing groups, an "over the top", glorious worship time by Pastor Nathan, and a message by yours truly. We had an amazing ministry time that lasted 2 hours and delivered 5 ladies and brought 13 new people to salvation in the name of Jesus. It was so powerful that you could just feel the presents of God. Altogether we saw 35 salvations this week, and many deliverances and healings. 

  "This is the power of your prayers for this ministry!" You have persisted in prayer until the Lord would graciously move in victorious power over the strongholds of Haiti. Thank You and Bless You....Mike

P.S. Chris is doing very well and looking forward to joining us in Haiti on Saturday. Thank you all again for your amazing outpouring of love and support and prayers for Chris and I and this ministry. We could not do this without you................Bless You................Mike

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