Sunday, June 22, 2014

 Just a quick up-date on Chris's status. First of all, Thank you all so very much for standing in there with us, in fact holding us up when we are just too week and afflicted to be up on our own. 

Somehow, I kinda think that's the way He designed it.........
   Chris flew from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti this morning to Miami, Fl. and then on to Tampa, Fl. She was met at the airport by a good friend and medical professional and our daughter, Rebecca's mother in law, Deena. She was rushed to a clinic that is connected to the hospital there. She saw a Dr. who ran extensive blood tests and has also scheduled her for a CT Scan. She is resting with minimal pain at this point and we will keep you up-dated as we are.................Thank all of you for your prayers. Some of you have responded so wonderfully and prayerfully, it is humbling to have such quality friends.............Mike

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