Sunday, June 22, 2014

 Just spoke to Chris this afternoon. First thing this morning she went into the hospital in Tampa for a full CT Scan. She was told that it would be Wednesday before her test results could be given. But God is wanting to be graceful to Chris in all this, so they called her a few hours later and said that they had them.
   The doctor said that the tests showed that she had several large Gallstones. They have made an appointment with a surgeon for Thursday morning. She is resting well with minimal pain at this point. I'm not all that familiar with the ramifications of this, but it seems to me like a relief, and answered prayer. 
   Please pray that despite my lack of knowledge on all of this, Chris remains in the caring hands of Jesus, until she is healthy and home again with her family.
   I will be preaching up at Pass Rien tomorrow night. It has been very intense up there all week. We have seen 13 salvations, 4 deliverances, and many healings. On Sunday afternoon we will baptize over 60 people who will proclaim to Haiti and the world that they are followers of Jesus. Please pray for a strong continuance of the power and authority of Jesus over the darkness that has oppressed the people of Haiti.
                    "INDEED, GOD IS BREAKING THROUGH!"
Thank You and Blessings on you all.................Mike 

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