Sunday, June 22, 2014

Glory May 29th

  Chris came out of surgery this evening at about 5:30 eastern time. The surgeon said things went well. He said that he took a good look around and everything else looked good. He said that the gallbladder was totally inflamed and looked like a sack of marbles. He had never seen one like that before. Chris is resting now, and much releaved that it is mostly over, but a bit lonely without her family. Tomorrow she will get to go to the home of our dear friends who have sacrificially gone out of their way to take care of her in our absence. Thank you God for themAnd thank you God for the outcome that we have all been praying for. She should get to come home to us in Haiti in one week. Yea!

   I so humbly want to thank ,all of you, who have been earnestly praying on our behalf for Chris's recovery. We are so appreciative of your rich expression of love to us. I do also strongly believe that with God there is always more to the story than we know. We may never know how many relationships were healed during this time, or how many people who knelt down to pray to a gracious God that they didn't really know all that well, felt something that they had never felt before. We may never know how much power and authority was exerted "in the name of Jesus" to deliver and to heal and to break the chains of oppression or open the eyes of those who had never seen the truth before. You, most likely, will never know how He has used this little struggle of our lives to advance the Kingdom of God, and defeat the kingdom of this dark age. We may never know......

   To GOD be the Glory, Forever and Ever,  Amen......

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