Thursday, June 26, 2014

I wanted to send out an e-mail thanking everyone for praying for me. I am still trying to catch up on things. It has been almost 4 weeks since my surgery and I am finally feeling back to normal. I think I felt better the first week instead of the next two. Probably because I rested more and had less to do during the first week. I am so grateful for your prayers. Between the long intense pain episodes and losing my vital signs in the ER, I know your prayers were covering me and that God was protecting me. I also really appreciated all of your notes letting me know you were praying. Mike shared them with me. We are so glad to be back together again as a family. God is good and works everything for our good. 

We had a great team from Anacortes arrive Monday. They have been very loving and serving. On Tuesday the team spent time with the children. Playing guitar, singing, painting the girls fingernails. In the afternoon they went into Gonaives to the market and into the city center to see a little bit of history.

On Wednesday, Rusty and Mike helped my Mike fix one of our water tanks. We have only had two 1000 gallon tanks the last couple of months. It will be so nice to have 3 tanks again. The team also helped organize all of the donated clothing that arrived in the container. Thank you so much for all of the clothing you donated it is much appreciated. The organizing took a couple of hours and I appreciated the help very much. With out their help it would have taken me a day and a half. In the late afternoon we had a birthday party for the May and June birthdays. We missed the May birthdays because I was so sick and then had surgery in Florida. So we combined the birthdays. After the birthday party 1/2 of the team went to Pass Rien with Nathan for bible study and the other 1/2 stayed here in Marose for church. Rusty preached and the girls shared their testimonies. They did a great job. 

Today, the team started off the day by helping to pass out clothing and shoes to each of the children. They spent time with each child helping them to find things that fit and that they liked. It took almost four hours to help everyone. Even the mama's (nanny's) picked out some things. Afterwards some of the team took the children to the river, or maybe I should say the children took the team to the river. It is lower than it should be this time of year, but they still had fun. In the late afternoon the girls on the team met with the older girls in our Children's village. They shared with them about life and life choices. We have been having some great devotions up on the roof each night. It is so cool and refreshing up on the roof. Tonight after devotions the team spent time praying for us, which was really nice.

Tomorrow the team will travel up to the mountain village of Perou. They will pass out some more clothing and shoes and they will also pass out some Days for Girls kits that they brought from their church. They will also spend some time praying for Wadner and visiting his family. If they have enough time they will visit one of the areas in Perou where sugar cane is made into syrup. Please pray for the team as they travel and minister in Perou. In the evening they will be going to all night prayer and worship in Pass Rein. Again the team will pass out clothing and shoes. Please pray for the team as they minister and for Nathan, Mike and Rusty as they preach. Also pray that the Spirit moves and hearts are made new.  

Again, blessings to each of you as you pray for and come along side of us to help the poor, the needy and the orphans. 

Many Blessings,

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