Sunday, June 22, 2014

May 25 2014

 Good Morning; It has been a very good and yet very hard week here in Haiti. Last Friday night there were 7 new salvations and several  demons cast out. One man had been pursued by the witch-doctors for the past few years to become one of them. He did not want to be a witch-doctor, but they would not leave him alone. They had put many curses on him until his health was failing him. They told him they would restore him if he agreed to become a witch-doctor. He felt like he was down to his last straw. Friday night he was completely set free and is now telling his testimony of what Jesus did for him all over town.
   This morning as I prepare to go up to Perou and preach the gospel, my wife and partner in this mission is boarding a plane to go to Florida to go to a good hospital to undergo some testing. She is sicker now and in much pain. Maybe gallbladder, we don't know. I will be here with the kids and hold down the fort, only with God's help.
   Please hold us up in your prayers as we continue to walk out this mission that God has given us. 
   "Where else will we go Lord, For you have the words of life."  .....Mike

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