Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today was a full day for the team. Thank you for all of your prayers. The teachers conference started today and will go through tomorrow. Mike greeted the teachers and spent some time encouraging them. The conference is being taught by a trained professional, with the last part of the conference involving testing, certifying and the signing of contracts with the teachers. Please pray for the teachers tomorrow. The team also spent a good part of the day taking photos of the children attending our Marose school. They also painted the outside of the children's village :) The front as you approach the gates. The team enjoyed passing out Polo's, with the Good Shepherd Logo embroidered on them, to each of the staff members in the children's village. Also Kathy and Rose played a card game called 'flinch' with the children, that helps teach numbers and math. I guess they brought quite a few decks and will be leaving them with the children. The balloon artistry team visited, they shared the gospel message with balloons and they made animals and flowers and things with more balloons. They gave out woven bracelets and played basketball and football too. So the children had a great afternoon, which was finished off by the team making homemade kettle corn for them.

Tomorrow the team will take more student photos in Marose. Then they will go to Jubilee in Gonaives and meet with our friends Kathy and Beaver and possibly Emory (not sure who all is there at the moment). This is where we like to help feed the poorest of the poor children in Gonaives. Again, as I have mentioned in the past, this can be hard for some of the team members. Please pray that God will speak to their hearts and open their eyes both in Jubilee and Marose, or where ever God is calling them to be his hands and feet.  The team will be visiting our village of Marotte on the way back from Jubilee. In the afternoon Mike will be meeting with the women, who took our daughter Rebecca's inductive bible study class. He will be encouraging them and following up with those who are now teaching other women how to study the bible. He will also be letting them know that she will be returning sometime this winter to teach them more as they have requested. And if that were not enough sometime during the day the goats are going to be delivered. Yahooooooo, they have been a long time coming. Thank you, to all of you who helped this to happen. Please pray for this to be a blessing to all involved. In the evening the team will travel north to Perou and participate in the revival, some of the team members may even be asked to share. They will try to get some photos of the school children that we were not able to update the last time and they will try to visit Wadner and his mother Yolin.

I asked about the health of the little girl, Danika who was so severely burned when the July team was in Haiti. They said that she was actual doing unbelievably well, again thank you so much for your on going prayers.



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