Thursday, September 13, 2012


I talked with Mike tonight. Everyone else is asleep. He said he was sitting on the front porch, sad that he was leaving. Long ago he stopped saying he was coming home and started saying he was coming back. Our hearts have been torn between here and Haiti for quite a while now. God has not only given us a heart for the children and people of Haiti, but has given us a love for them also. Mike's heart left here for all intent and purposes a while ago. I am still incredibly torn between here and Haiti, but know that I am called to be in Haiti, so that is where I am going.

He did say that the youth event was great today. Travel is so difficult in Haiti, they were not sure how many youth would make it from the other villages we minister in. But Mike said that around 120 youth showed up mostly on foot. These are the dedicated ones. Mike shared with them that we were trying to set up "sister youth groups". The youth groups from our Good Shepherd Churches in Haiti would be matched up with youth groups in the states or Canada. The idea is for the state side or Canadian youth group to adopt or support them a little and for the groups to get to know each other, pray for each other, encourage each other and get a little more global view of what God is doing with others their age. So this morning they arrived and met in their groups, each group then came up and sang and shared. They were full of enthusiasm. They were video taped and lots of photos were taken. Nathan led worship,Jeremiah gave a great message. Mike said he shared also and Nathan closed. Then the youth said they wanted to pray over the children in the children's village, so they walked up to the village and spent another half an hour praying for the children. Then the team met with the youth group leaders and prayed over them. They spent about 5 hours altogether.

The Goat man showed up with the Goats also. He brought the goats for all the families in Marose. He will also be responsible for checking up on the families weekly, to make sure everything is going well and that there are no problems. Next week he will be delivering the goats to Poteau and then to Perou and Marotte. Mike decided to wait on the chickens a few weeks until everything settles down from the goats. I will post photos as soon as the team gets back with them. Thanks to all of you that helped to bless the Haitian families with goats. They are so very excited at all of the possibilities. To most of them it is unbelievable that someone who does not even know them would care about them. It shows just how big our God is.

The craft time was wonderful for the children, they enjoyed it. Please remember to pray for them as the teams leaves, it is really hard to be the ones that are always being left. Please pray for the team as they head to the airport tomorrow morning, and for good connections for all of their flights.



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