Saturday, September 8, 2012

Today was a fruit filled day. The meeting regarding the goats went well. The goats are supposed to be delivered Wednesday. Hopefully we will get photos that I can share with you on Wednesday, if not I will post them when the team gets back home. Please pray for healthy goats and for wisdom in regards to who receives them. The people receiving the goats have gone through an application process and some training, so everything should go smoothly. The team also traveled north up the river today. Nathan wanted Mike and the team to visit a village up the river literally. They drove up the river and when they came to the village they stopped and walked to the rivers edge and met the village pastor and his wife. The pastor and his wife took Nathan and the team to a little church. Mike said there were about 200 people waiting for them. Nathan lead worship and Mike gave a message. Afterwards the team prayed for people who came forward. Two people were set free from evil spirits and then Nathan gave an alter call and 12 people came forward and gave their lives to God. Then the team was invited to have rice and beans with them sitting in between the banana trees. When the team arrived back in the orphanage they played some more with the children, while Phil and Mike did some organizing of the tools in our tool and generator room. Mike also said that they have been having lightning storms, but no rain. The lightning in Haiti can be pretty wild looking, mostly because there are no other lights except the stars in Marose, so the lightning shows up well. I love watching it. It speaks of the vastness, the complexity, the beauty and the power of God. It reminds me of how amazing it is that God would even notice us, much less shower us with his mercy and favor.
Tomorrow morning Nathan will lead worship and Mike will share in the Marose church. In the early evening they will go to Poteau, and Nathan will lead worship again and Mike will give the message. The team may also take turns sharing in Poteau. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to be present and for salvation's and healings both in Marose and Poteau. Thank you for continuing to lift the team and people of Haiti up in prayer.

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