Sunday, September 9, 2012

Good evening,
I talked with Mike a little later then usual tonight. The team woke up to a leaking water system. They were able to fix part of the problem before church so that everyone had water. After church they were able to fix most of the problem. They just need one more part that should be in town. Please pray that the part is available tomorrow when they go looking for it. Church went well this morning. There were two more salvation's this morning. Part of Mikes message was a challenge for those who have drifted off and/or fallen away. He said there were 15 to 18 rededications at the end of church. Nathan asked him if he was going to share the same message in the evening at Poteau. Mike said probably, why? Nathan told him that it was a risky teaching, but that he thought it was a good one. So Mike shared the same message in Poteau this evening. God moved hearts again and their were two more salvation's and about 20 rededications in Poteau. Thank you so very much for your prayers.
Tomorrow morning the pastors association will meet for teaching and encouragement. Please pray that what Mike has prepared to teach will be life giving and what God would have him share. The association is the larger group of pastors from many denominations who have agreed to set aside their theological differences and come together on their common belief in Christ. Later Mike will share with the pastors of our Good Shepherd churches that are part of the larger group. We have one new pastor in our Good shepherd Church group, please pray as they continue to impart vision to him. Later in the day the team will try to fix the rest of the water problem, also they might do some more painting in the afternoon. Thank you again for your prayers, they are appreciated.

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