Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I heard from the team tonight. The day started off with taking more photos of the school children. The team then went to Jubilee to help feed the poor. Brian was there with the rest of his family, who just moved to Haiti 2 days ago. So the team worked with them feeding the children. The teacher's conference went well and the teachers were given new shirts with the school logo embroidered on them, like the staff was given, only the teachers shirts were the school uniform color. In the afternoon Mike meet with the women who attended the women's bible study that Rebecca taught. Both Rose and Kathy shared with the women how much bible study has meant to them in their own lives. In the evening the team traveled north to Perou for the revival. They also spent time with Wahdner and Yolin. They brought him a package and prayed with them. He is one of the children that we have an especially soft spot in our hearts for. And we have faith that God will heal him one of these days. The team said worship was great, I think Nathan led worship, but I am not sure. Mike gave the message. Afterwards there were 2 more salvation's and about 20 more came forward for prayer and healing. Thank you so much for praying.

The goats were not delivered today, but they are supposed to be there in the morning. So again, please pray for everything to go smoothly and for everyone to use the training they have been given. Tomorrow the team will also be doing one more craft they have planned with the children. Then there will be a meeting with the youth groups from all of the Good Shepherd churches. Nathan will be leading worship and both Mike and Jeremiah will be giving a message. Please pray for all of the youth attending, that God will touch them, that he will give them strength to choose right, that they will believe and understand that they too were created for a purpose. I guess most of all that hope for their future would be restored.

Also please pray for the team and the children as tomorrow night will be the last night the team is with the children. It is extremely hard to say good-bye for the team and especially for the children. Thank you soooooooo very much for all of your prayers.



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