Friday, September 7, 2012

It was very hot in Haiti today. Tonight as I write at 10 PM, which is 1 AM in Haiti, my computer says it is still 84 degrees in Haiti. The team passed out bath items like lotions, shampoos and conditioners to the nanny's or keeper's as they like to be called, just to bless them for all of their hard work. They also passed out 8 more quilts that we received from a wonderful group of women who make quilts for our children and other ministries. The team also built the shelves for the medical clinic and organized and labeled the new bins for the shelves. They installed towel bars and toilet paper holders in the newly finished short stay missionary team rooms. Also when they were in town, Jeremy found fresh coconuts for everyone, which are in season right now and they cut off the tops and all had coconut milk to drink. Both Jeremy and Rose said that fresh coconut milk is supposed to be good for people traveling in foreign countries. It is supposed to help with digestive issues and is supposed to be among the top nutritional foods. Rose taught the children how to play drop the handkerchief today. Can you imagine 67 children and Rose, Jeremy and Sam playing drop the handkerchief :) I guess Rose was the favorite person to drop the handkerchief behind. I would have loved to be there watching :) The team also spent some time praying for some of the children individually. We all need prayer, but some of the children have walked through more than any of us ever will and prayer can make a night and day difference to them. Sam, Phil's son has also been playing a lot of basketball and soccer with the children.
Tomorrow will be meetings with the goat and chicken man and hopefully deliveries of goats and chickens, lots of them. Please pray for all of the details to be worked out. Everyone is really excited about them. The team will also travel north in the afternoon to visit a new village and pray over it. Please pray for safe travel and words from God. 
And for those of you who have asked, our garage sale went extremely well, we were blown away at how much we made. A huge thank you to those of you who brought baked goods, brought by items to sell, helped with set up, helped during the garage sale and helped pack it all up at the end. We were even blessed by someone stopping by and purchasing the left overs, which we were going to donate. Praise God for His awesomeness.

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