Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 16, 2012

I had a wonderful time tonight at a Missions Celebration. I missed Mike's phone call though, and have not been able to get in touch with him again tonight. He did leave a quick message saying that they were headed off to another church for an all night prayer and worship celebration. He said each of the team members will be speaking and sharing their testimony or a story from their lives. Hopefully some of you will read this tonight (Friday) or during the night(Saturday) and will be able to pray for the team. When the Haitians hold an all night prayer and worship service, they really will be praying and worshiping all through the night. They start leaving to go home and begin their day as the sun rises. Please pray that the Spirit of God moves powerfully and that many will be healed.
Tomorrow morning the Pastors Association meeting will begin. They will be meeting until late in the afternoon. Mike will be teaching most of the time but, I believe Jason also has a message to share. Please pray for them as they teach, that it will be from God and that it will refresh and encourage the Pastors. Also tomorrow there will be a youth event that will start at noon and will go into the evening, overlapping the Pastors conference. Nathan and Mike will be teaching at the youth event also and again some of the team will be sharing their testimonies and stories. The youth will also be doing activities, some sports and they will have a time of worship. Please pray that the team will be able to speak into the lives of the youth. That what they share will be relevant to the youth and that there would be many salvation's. Thank you for praying.

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