Thursday, March 15, 2012


I just got off the phone with Mike. The team spent time with the children today. They also hiked up the mountain and down to the river. Mike met with the contractor and construction seems to be going well. Mike also met with Melissa and Eliezer our bookkeeper. They showed Mike all that they have accomplished and then discussed some more ideas. We also have an additional little boy who has joined the orphanage. His mother is Haitian and his father was from the Dominican Republic. He only speaks Spanish so please pray for his adjustment. The language barrier makes it more difficult for him to fit in with the other children and makes school impossible until he picks up the language. I know with my children this took only a couple of months, children learn very fast when they are immersed in another language. Tonight the team also went to church.

Tomorrow they will install the stove that the January team built. Some of the pots are so big that the cooks requested a stove with the burners further apart. The January team needed a part to complete the stove that was not available in Haiti, so the March team was able to bring the needed part . Tomorrow the team will also build a new work table in the kitchen that will have a stainless steel top. This should make prep and clean up easier and safer. The team will also try to build more shelves in the storage depot to hold all of the items from the container that arrived just after the January team left. Melissa directed the unloading of the container, but the depot needed more shelving in order for things to be accessible and organized. The team will also be able to go to the Market tomorrow, to purchase food for our one year anniversary celebration of moving into the new orphanage building. They will be having a celebration this Sunday. Please continue to pray for the team as they build relationships with the children and staff, and for the ability to obtain the supplies they need. Thank you so very much for your prayers.



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