Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello again,
Thank you so much for all of your prayers today!

The team visited Pass Rien today. They prayed over the land we would like to plant a church on and over the voodoo camp. To bring some of you newer prayer partners up to date, we believe the land that has been promised to us by her will eventually be part of the New Generation Ministries/Good Shepherd Ministries (this is what the ministry is called in Haiti).We have been praying to this end, since Nathan first felt called to pray for this area in May of last year. In January of this year, the team felt like we were supposed to walk down into the voodoo camp, which joins the property we would like to plant the church on. I felt like we were to drive a stake into the ground and claim the camp for Christ and then pray that satan and the madame would not be able to perform voodoo in the camp anymore. Nathan felt like we were to worship God in the camp, which we all proceeded to do. Mac felt like he was to cross the ravine in the camp and climb up the other side and then climb the Mapoo tree and "capture the flag" so to speak. He removed one of the voodoo flags that was up in the tree. I am not sure of the spelling of the trees name, but they are known trees for voodoo ceremonies to take place under. The Madam or witch doctor was not particularly pleased with us. When we came up out of the camp and put the flag in the truck bed, she walked over and retrieved it. The discussion that followed regarding giving her heart to God being more important than talking about the property purchase did not seem to help matters much. After she left we prayed more and some of the others on the team felt like the victory would come, but only with much prayer and fasting. Also, that it was about her heart more than the property. So when they finished praying today, Mike and Nathan walked down to her home and visited with her. Mike and Nathan shared that many are praying for her heart everyday. Mike told her that God tell us things about her and that God KNOWS her. In fact He has known her, her whole life, even before she was conceived and that He wants her heart. She was very interested in the words shared with her. Mike and Nathan noticed that the voodoo flag had not been put back up. She shared that the voodoo does not work good anymore. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!! And please keep praying for her heart. God's word says "the victory is the Lords".

The team also visited the orphanage across the river in Desire. They do not seem to have much help or support so the team brought them flip flops and some Gleaner's food and then prayed over them.

Later on the team did another craft with the children. And then they gave each child a book called 101 Haitian Creole Bible Stories. We have had about a dozen floating around the orphanage from previous gifts from sponsors. One boy has even come to Mike and had him duct tape the cover back together many times. A little before Christmas we had a group generously donate 32 more books. Then this month another couple donated another 30 books so that every child could have one. They are very nice hardcover books. They are written in Haitian Creole so that even the younger children that know how to read can read them.

The team climbed the mountain today and prayed over the valley. They will leave early tomorrow (Friday) morning, around 5:00 AM. Please pray for safe travel and on time connections. Also please continue to pray for Melissa as she leaves her girls. Usually the team helps whoever is staying with the orphange move in and get settled before they leave. Melissa wanted to stay one last night in the room with them. So Steph will be moving in tomorrow after the team leaves. Please pray for the girls, it is so hard being the ones who are always saying Good bye. Please pray for Steph as she adjusts to being the only blanc :) Pray she will enjoy herself, feel like she is accomplishing what God wants her too, and that she will be a positive light and role model.


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