Saturday, March 3, 2012


It has been a while since I have sent out an update. I wanted to remind  everyone to continue to pray for Melissa while she is staying in Haiti. She has been doing an awesome job of gathering information on the children,and on getting some of the new ones documented and legal, as far as guardianship papers and all. We really have appreciated her efforts. She has been organizing our office in Haiti, complete with computer, scanner, copier and hanging files. And she has been helping and teaching our bookeeper. She also has been a nanny and role model for our oldest girls as she shares a room with them. Please pray for her protection and health, Melissa has been pretty healthy up until now, but does have a cough. Also please pray for her ability to continue to learn the language. Pray that she is able to speak into the girls lives, and pray for both her and the girls as it gets closer to the time for Melissa to come back home. Here are two stories that Melissa has shared.

 "The girls have been doing my laundry for me since I've been down here.  They were busy one day and I really needed some clean clothes, so I decided to try doing my own laundry.  So I got all my supplies together and start washing away.  The kids thought it was hilarious that the white girl is washing clothes.  I had a group of kids just staring at me while I washed.  And then the littlest girls and Maylin jumped in to help me.  So we washed clothes together and had a great time doing it.  I was very thankful for their help.  I would have been sitting there awhile if they hadn't come along.  :)

 another good little story....

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to go up the hill to spend some time praying and reading my bible.  And then I got the idea that I should ask my girls if they wanted to come with me.  So five girls and I headed up the mountain and we ended up having an impromptu worship and prayer time.  It was so awesome to see them pour out their hearts to God in prayer and to sing his praises.  I felt so blessed to be a part of their worship time."

 Again thank you so much for your prayers, they are so vital to this ministry and the people involved in it.

 Please also be praying for the March team as they prepare to fly to Haiti in 10 days. Melissa's mother will be on the trip and also our son Dustin who is engaged to Melissa, they are both very excited to be on the team that will be picking her up after being in Haiti for two months.

On another note Our "Awake & Arise Prayer and Worship Night" was fantastic. We experienced amazing and intimate spiritual worship and prayed to break strongholds in the heavenly realms. Janet and her team were great, and very sensitive to the spirit of God. Check out her website at:
We have lots of great trips planned, and have openings on the May trip and the September trip. So if you can make the time available, we would love to have you, and even challenge you to what God might be calling you to do for His Kingdom and the people of Haiti. If you are interested, please contact Jeremiah at:

 We are also planning a couple of fundraiser events later this spring. Please be watching for those announcements. If you have any items you would like to donate towards the U.S. fund raiser you can contact Mike at If you would like to donate towards the Canadian fundraiser please let Wendy know at:

Thanks so much for praying,



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