Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday March 18, 2012

The team had a full day today. Thank you for your prayers.
In the morning Nathan preached in Gonaives. The team stayed back with Mike as he preached in Marose. Mike said that the presence of the Holy Spirit was obvious. He said many people came forward for healing.
After church everyone helped to get ready for the anniversary celebration. Some cleaned, some prepared side dishes,
some roasted the pigs and the team made eight cakes complete with frosting and sprinkles! There were about 250 in attendance including the orphanage, staff and team. Nathan shared his story and how God gave him a dream, and Mike shared his story and how God gave him a dream. Two other pastors shared short messages and they had a dedication. Then they prayed for the ministry. Mike said the celebration lasted all day and everyone had a really good time.
Tomorrow the team will be traveling up north to Cap Haitien. They are excited to visit an area of Haiti that the team has not previously been to. Nathan has been to Cap Haitien and he will be going with the team.They are wanting to check the spiritual climate out. Please pray for safe travel and protection.
Nathan and Mike have also been asked to possibly take on a church and start a school in the community across the river called Poto. I am not sure of the spelling. Please pray for wisdom and discernment in this decision. It would probably be a smaller school than our other schools. For those of you that have traveled to Haiti with us, this is near Nathan's grandfather's house. Poto is where the large market is on the way to Pass Rien. Once again thank you for your prayers, we appreciate them.


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