Saturday, March 17, 2012

God is good ! Commitment from 100 youth!


Thanks so much for all of your prayers. Wow!!! the team had a good night last night and a great day today.

Last night at the all night prayer and worship celebration they had trouble getting set up, among other things the generator would not run. After quite a while Mike went up to the front and said he thought that the enemy was trying to keep the prayer and worship time from happening. He told them everyone needed to start worshiping regardless. So by candle light worship started. Soon the generator and things started working and they kept worshiping. Later on during the night about a dozen youth came forward and asked to be set free from bad spirits. Eight of them prayed for salvation and were set free. Praise God !!!

This morning the Pastor's conference went very well. The pastor's never seem to get enough teaching. They usually ask for more. It is amazing how long they can sit and soak in God's word. The pastor's said they were very encouraged.

The youth event also was amazing today. They started with games, worship and food. The team members shared during the first part. They all did really well. Then Nathan shared and they had more worship. Then Mike shared and he said the youth seemed to really engage. He was sharing on "being the best you can be". He shared that too many friends today are considered friends because they endorse what you want them too. They go along with your choices good or bad. He shared that true friendship was being a friend that was willing to speak truth into your life. That they would hold you accountable and encourage you to make the right choices. They would be someone who was willing to be with you on bad days and good days. Towards the end of the event Mike felt like God wanted the youth to make a commitment. He told them that God had made a commitment to them by sacrificing His son. That God was asking them if they would make a commitment to Him and to each other. Mike said about 100 youth  stood up and chose to make a pledge to be true friends and to support each other in making good choices. He said that all of them either gave their lives to Jesus or rededicated their lives to Him. God is soooooooooooo good! Please join us in praising God and praying for them as they walk their commitments out.

Tomorrow Nathan will be preaching in Gonaives. Mike will be preaching in Marose. Please pray for them as they teach. Also the orphanage will be celebrating the 1st anniversary of moving from a small hut the size of most north american living rooms, into the new orphanage. It has been wonderful watching the children blossom in their new environment. The team will be baking cakes and frosting them. This will be a huge treat. We served cake for a wedding two and a half years ago and that was the first time any of the children or staff had ever had cake. We have twice as many children and more than double the staff now and again there will be many who have never had cake before, much less frosting and sprinkles. I can see the smiles now:) They will also be having the first ever pig roasting. Actual pigs, this will be a first for most of the team also :) And yes Debbie brought a meat thermometer so it will be safe. There will be other invited guests, it should be a lot of fun. It is amazing what God has accomplished in a little over 4 years. Thank you so much for all of you that have come along side of us and the people of Haiti. To God be the Glory!



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