Thursday, September 1, 2011


I talked with the team tonight. They said they had a really good day. They unpacked bins. They also installed equipment that will allow us to have Internet access from the medical clinic all the way up the hill to the orphanage office. Two very generous friends, that work in the computer technology field and who help us up here, knew that the distance was too great to just run cable. They put their heads together and gave us the equipment and installation knowledge to take with us to Haiti. Mike says it seems to be working. The team also passed out gifts from some of the sponsors to their children in the orphanage. Mike said they gave Matt the camera and told him to take the photos of the children receiving their gifts. Matt said he took about "400 photos" and that "it was the funnest day he's had in a long time" :). The team also swam in the river with the children today and had a blast. As I write this at 10:07 PM, the temperature is still 84 degrees in Haiti. I am not sure what that translates into Celsius for you Canadians :) Our son in law donated a 10 foot projection screen, which the team carried to Haiti this trip, and his workplace donated a used projector a while ago. So the screen and projector were set up tonight to show the Jesus film. I am sure it was amazing for some of them to see a movie on a screen that large. It will be very useful in the future for many things.The team hiked up the mountain this evening before the rally started, and spent some time up there.

Tonight the youth rally was smaller than they anticipated. There was a little over 100 youth. They have been told tomorrow there will be more. But the number is not the important part, it is how lives are changed for the better. Feeding the youth was one of the first things they did tonight. Our team served them. It has been a good night so far, they spent some of the time in small groups sharing and praying, and they were in the middle of showing the Jesus film when Mike called me. Tomorrow is when the majority of the teaching, ministry and worship will be happening, please pray that God will be moving and that he will be leading all of those teaching and sharing.

Mike shared that the Gonaives church is growing and doing great, they have 2 weddings on Saturday that the team will attend and on Sunday there will be 11 baptisms. I love being able to participate in the Haitian culture when we are in Haiti, it is such a privilege to share in their lives.

Thanks so much for all of your support, we really appreciate it.



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