Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 2, 2011

Hello again,

The team had a pretty good day today. Jeremy had some digestional issues, but is doing better tonight. It did not stop him from teaching and sharing. He just pushed through it. Mike said he and the twins, Jeremy and Jacob shared today along with Nathan and some of the Pastors from the association. They had teaching and worship in the morning and played games and soccer in the middle and then continued on with the teaching and worship. Mike said there were many who came forward for prayer and some came up to the team later on and asked for prayer because they were sick or hurting. In the evening the team did glow sticks with the children, which is a lot of fun for the team, children and even the staff.

Tomorrow the youth rally will go until about 12:00. Then they will head to Gonaives to attend the two weddings I mentioned yesterday. Please pray for the health of the team.

Also please pray that the youth, team, pastors and all involved come tomorrow with expectant hearts and that God shows up and not only meets, but exceeds their expectations.

Two thoughts come to mind as I write this tonight. The first "...your mission will require that you abandon your agenda and accept God's agenda for your life. You can't just TACK IT ON." You yield your rights, expectations, dreams, plans, and ambitions to Him. You hand God a blank sheet with your name signed at the bottom and tell HIM to fill in the details."-Rick Warren.

The second thought is something I heard years ago and have no idea who first said it, but it has rang true in my life over the years and I have seen it ring true in other's lives as they lean on Him. It is this, "God does not call the equipped, He equips the called." Please pray He does the equipping tomorrow, and thank you to all who lift the team up in prayer.



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