Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The team is doing great.
The team went into Gonaives and feed the children today. Then they went to Emory's house and had lunch, with some of his group.

They played in the river with the children one more time. Then they headed up to the village of Peru. It started to pour down rain once they arrived. As previous teams know, this can be a big deal. They probably would not have made it up to Peru, if it had started to rain on the way. They went into the church and Mike shared a message. They had a prayer time, and just as they finished, the rain stopped. They then hiked down to visit the crippled boy our ministry helps. Mike said that the dirt road had become a river and it was pretty slick. His mother came running out to great the team. Mike said by the time the team arrived at his house, he was laughing and excited, like a child at Christmas. They visited with him and prayed for him, then gave him and his mother the gifts they had brought. We have one very generous family in our ministry that supports him and the team also makes up a package of food and clothing for him and his family each trip. They spent some time talking with his mother also. She said she so appreciates all that is done for them. Like I have said before, I think this is a witness to the community that God values human life, even if they are not perfect in man's eyes. He loves them. This is very counter culture in Haiti. The team then had too hike back up to the church and use 4 wheel drive to get back to Marose.

In the evening they played with the children and had devotionals on perspectives. Mike said that there was a beautiful lightening storm going on when he called me. Because of the heat you get some pretty wild lightening in Haiti.

Tomorrow they will spend most of the day with the children and staff. In the morning they will go into Gonaives to see the market. Also there is a possibility that our son Jesse may be able to meet his father or other living relatives from the Dessalines area, thanks to a friend of ours from 20 plus years ago. She was a missionary in Haiti at the orphanage Jesse came from. Her family left Haiti 18 plus years ago, but like us they have been called back to ministering in Haiti again. She has put us in contact with her partner and pastor from Dessalines. He has been trying to find some of Jesse's relatives. This is very important to Jesse and will be very hard for him and wonderful at the same time. Please pray that the pastor is able to make connections and that Jesse will be able to meet them. Also please pray for Jesse's heart as this will be hard emotionally and spiritually also.

Usually when the team has an early flight out of Port-au-Prince on Friday morning, they drive down to Bercy to stay for the night. Then they only have 1 1/2 hours of driving to the airport in Port-au-Prince. This team said they would rather stay one more day at the orphanage and get up very early Friday morning (really the middle of the night) to travel to Port-au-Prince. They do not want to leave the children until they have to :) Thank you so much for your continued prayers.



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