Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today the team spent time up on the mountain. They also had one last day in the river with the children. And they went into Gonaives to visit the market and walk around the town. Gonaives was Haiti's 3rd largest city before the earthquake. I am not sure if the earthquake changed that or not. It definitely has a different feel and atmosphere to it. Marose on the other hand is very rural and has a small village feel to it. It is very dry and bare, not green like Peru or Pass Rien.

Jesse was not able to meet with any relatives of his in Haiti. The pastor, who is a partner of our friend, was trying to understand the information we gave him through our friend, and thought he had the relatives figured out. He had a photo of a white couple with a Haitian boy, who he thought might be us. He ended up surprising Jesse by coming to our orphanage from Dessalines, which is about an hour away. He spent time talking with Mike, Nathan and Jesse. Mike said the photo was not of us or Jesse. But Jesse gave him the copy of his Haitian birth certificate. So now it is not a language/translation issue, it is a find the rest of the story issue. In the U.S. or Canada, the government can track anyone. And everyone has an address. There are some addresses in Haiti, but most people live in a lettered section of an area. Not at an exact address. There is no mail delivery. And there is no registry of names of people and where they live. You find people by word of mouth. Nathan also knew of the orphanage Jesse is from and knows people in Dessalines. So the two of them said they will do more investigating and try to work it out for another trip. The pastor was a 20 year old boy working at the orphanage when Jesse lived there. We appreciate all of you who prayed for Jesse today.

The team ended the evening playing with the children and then worshiping together. The children prayed over the team and the team prayed over the orphanage children. The team will be leaving the orphanage to travel to Port-au-Prince in the middle of the night tonight. They will leave at 2:30 am Haitian time, which is 12:30 am our time. Please pray for safe traveling and on time flight connections. I will write an update after the team gets home. Thanks and



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