Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The team has made it safely up to the orphanage. Thank you for your prayers. After leaving the airport in Port-au-Prince, they visited the orphanage in Pation-ville, where 3 of our 4 adopted children are from. They met with the director and left photos and a letter for the mother if she comes by to check for any info. Their father died before they were put up for adoption. The team then traveled to Nathan's for lunch, which is always a special treat.

Once they arrived at the orphanage they spent time with the children and staff. The children are always so happy to see everyone. They especially love it when people come that have been on trips before. They connect and remember, as relationships are very important in the Haitian culture. Mike said that they are having a special children's church from the previous Sunday to this Sunday, every evening for one hour. The children can take turns leading a favorite song or sharing on a favorite bible verse. Tonight, Mike said there was a little 10 year old boy from the community sharing on John 3:16. Mike said he was really cute, and did a really good job.

Tomorrow they will spend more time with the orphanage children and unpack all the supplies for the orphanage they took. Each team member gets to take their 2 carry ons. The ministry uses the 2 additional allowed pieces of checked luggage per person. We pack them full of supplies. An average 40 foot container costs about $11,000 to truck, barge, pay duty and truck again up to the orphanage in Haiti. So the 2 allowed checked bags per person is really important to the ministry. It allows us to ship 10 to 32 large Rubbermaid bins full of medical and orphanage supplies each trip, depending on the number of team members traveling.

Tomorrow evening the youth rally will begin. Nathan and the team are hoping for about 500 teens and young adults. Jeremy and Mike will probably be sharing and then they will show the Jesus film in Creole. Please pray for open and prepared hearts. The youth rally will also last all day Friday and will end around 12:00 on Saturday. Nathan, Mike, Jeremy, and Jacob all have teachings prepared, and most likely some of the other team members will share. They have all kinds of fun activities planned. Please pray that the youth that God is drawing come, and that traveling costs do not keep the youth away, pray for their protection as they travel. Please pray that the Holy Spirit shows up, that hearts are opened and kids are healed. Also that there is enough food prepared to feed them all :) This will be a huge under taking by our staff. Nathan, Mike, Jeremy and Jacob will also be meeting with potential youth group leaders through out the rally, to try to teach and equip them. Please pray for wisdom and guidance. Thanks so much.


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