Monday, August 29, 2011

Prayer Partners: I know that it doesn't seem like it has been very long, since we arrived back home after the last incredible trip. But it has, and so off we go to continue what would best be described as the hardest yet most fulfilling thing that I or most anyone could do. God has used our willingness to answer this calling to stretch both Chris and I far beyond what we could have ever thought possible. There have been times when we literally didn't see how we could continue on, but at the same time we have had such an inner peace and joy that it is hard to describe. We are compelled to press on. We feel useful to the King and a benefit to His Kingdom. We are downright amazed at times that God would consider us worthy of His presence let alone His business.

One of the ways that God has blessed us the most is our family. We just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary and have six grown children and three little ones still at home, and we are in the adoption process for two more from our orphanage. Most of the six are married and all seeking to follow hard after God. It is truly an amazing testimony of His great love for us. As parents, we could not feel more satisfaction from anything else but watching our children grow up into the wonderful Christian moms and dads and people that they have become. A real treat for me this trip is to be accompanied by Dustin, my #2, and the twins, Jeremiah and Jake, # 4 and 5, and Jesse our first adopted son as a baby 22 years ago, # 6. He has not been back to Haiti since then. This will be a real experience for him. And Jesse'e fiance, Mia. What a precious addition to the family, we are very proud of her. For those who have heard my personal testimony, you would never had thought it possible. But with God all things are possible.

Please pray for us as we minister to the youth during a youth rally on this trip. We will also teach the pastors association, and attend to the business of this "many faceted ministry" that we are involved. And as we minister to the children and friends and people from Haiti that we have come to love very much. My beautiful wife Chris will send the encouraging daily up-dates and prayer requests, that you love to read, for the duration of the trip. These requests for prayer are so very vital to our success in this battle, that we boldly continue to ask for them in His Holy name............... Thank you..............Mike

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