Friday, October 22, 2010

I spoke with Mike again. The team spent the first part of the day measuring and photographing and praying over each child in our school in Gonaives. The school in Gonaives is in a rented building somewhat like a house this year. In order to hold all of the children, some are taught in the small courtyard. It becomes quite hot in the full sun for the children, so the solution they came up with today was to install a metal roof over the courtyard to protect them from the heat.
Some of the team also finished up the water piping which had been laid out and hooked up by the previous team. Now it is working and has all the on and off valves in place. And the three 1000 gallon holding tanks are filled. Wow!
Another part of the team fixed the concrete floor in the entry way to the church. It was quite worn and had become unsafe. They added a step also. Yeah !
Tonight the team went back up to Peru for the crusade. God continues to challenge Mike and I in the area of stepping out of our comfort zone lately. He puts things before us and asks 'will you'? The song that you hear first when the blog comes on fits pretty good lately. It is a song written by a Vineyard worship leader, it is called 'If you say go'. I encourage you to close your eyes and focus on God as you listen to it, listen with your heart. You can click on it to hear it again as it is not the full version of the song. Anyway Nathan was used to challenge Mike tonight. Nathan as he quite often does told Mike that Mike was the one that was going to be preaching and then told him what scripture to preach from. It was one of those 'will you' times. No prep time, just total dependence on God. AND GOD SHOWED UP. Mike said that the church was packed and when he invited them to come forward for prayer and ministry many came to be healed, to be comforted and to give their lives to Him. Tomorrow the team will be going back up during the day as at least 12 people want to be baptized. PRAISE GOD!!!! Please pray for them.
Tomorrow Mike will also be meeting with the teachers from all of our schools. He will share with them and then Nathan has arranged for a Pastor who is also a teacher
and principal of another school to do a training seminar with them. Please pray for this also.
We gave a Flannel graph to our Christian Education teacher today. Mike said she was thrilled and so excited. Most things are taught orally in Haiti. Now she will have the resources to teach the children using another learning style. Some of us learn
better when we can visually see what we are being taught. It has been a dream of mine to get her a flannel graph (a flannel graph, for those who don't know, consists of boards covered with background scenes in flannel and about 300 bible characters and houses, boats, animals ect., also made in flannel so they will stick to the boards, it is old school but new too our orphanage kids). This will enable her to share bible stories in a interesting way to the children. Our brain remembers things better when more then one of our senses are used. My daughter in law did a fundraiser over facebook and we were able to purchase a set and send it with the team.
One more prayer would be for the Cholera that many in Haiti are facing. It is not in the area we minister but the Haitian people have experienced so much hardship please pray for healing. And pray that it will be contained and not spread to any more people. Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for this ministry and the Haitian people.

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  1. I love this new song, Mike and the team remain in my prayers