Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kids will be kids no matter where they are from :)

This morning the team headed up to Peru for the baptism. There were 12 people who were baptized with another 50 to 60 there for support. It is a lot of fun to participate in baptisms in Haiti. Nathan usually forms some kind of band as they walk to the river. In this case there were trumpets,trombones and drums. They worship as they walk. Mike said they walked 2 miles to get to water deep enough to baptize in today. I wish more of you could experience this.
When the team returned to Marose, Mike shared with the teachers before their seminar started. He also told them to make sure that the children washed their hands before school started and before meals, as a safety precaution because of the Cholera outbreak. Nathan has been instructing people in church also about sanitation and the importance of drinking clean water. He believes it is the churches responsibility to the community.
The team finished sorting and organizing the containers. They built shelves and racks
in the containers and will build more shelves tomorrow for the medical clinic. We sent many small bins to help organize things in the medical clinic. They will help protect things from all the dust also. It is unbelievably dusty in Marose sometimes.
The team gave out Glo sticks to the children again tonight. They absolutely love them. It is hard for them to comprehend what makes them light up. So far everyone on the team has been very healthy. One of the girls had a really bad headache the first night in Haiti, the team prayed for her and she has been fine ever since.
Tomorrow pray for the team as they head up to Peru again for church in the morning.
We brought communion supplies this time so they will be having communion with the church in Peru in the morning. Then in the evening they will be having communion during church in Marose.
Thank you so much for your prayers again. God is so awesome.

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