Friday, October 15, 2010

It has been a while since I have posted any news. We have had a team of helpers that have been building benches for our churches in Haiti, which will double for our schools. They are benches with a back support which will double as a desk or platform for writing on. So for the past two weeks almost nightly there has been welding, sawing, routing, staining and painting happening in a warehouse space that was generously donated to us for the past two weeks. We had a bar-b-que the first evening. Some have helped one night and some put in time many afternoons and evenings. We are so thankful for all the help of the volunteers. The benches will seat almost 700 adults (and even more children)this could not have been accomplished without so many extra hands.
Yesterday afternoon they were loaded into a 40 foot container along with doors for our orphanage, a large and small generator, a couple of projectors and some lap tops generously donated by the Canadian RCMP. These along with other miscellaneous items filled 20 feet of the container. This morning the container was picked up and is headed to Aurora, Illinois. The remaining 20 feet will be filled with donated food from 'Feed My Starving Children'.The container will then head to Florida and be loaded on a ship bound for Haiti. Again we ask for your prayers for the safe arrival of the container and contents to our orphanage. I am posting a photo of one of our youngest helpers, he is wearing a generous amount of stain :) Also a few other photos of the bench building and of the container being loaded. The October team
leaves next Tuesday and I will once again be keeping you updated as to what they are doing and what prayer needs there are.

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