Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Talked with Mike again tonight, he is doing well and thanks everyone for their prayers.
The team made it to Gonaives today and were able to feed the children in the feeding program. It went well.
The guys on the team fixed up one of the containers like a shop. They built a workbench and organized all of the tools, Mike is thrilled, it will be so much easier to work on things now.
We have another very exciting piece of information, we were given a very nice welder which we shipped in one of the containers, we have been looking for a Haitian that had welding skills or was willing to be taught. Our plan was to then pay them to do work for us. To build security bars for the windows, make stair rails ect. We would supply the metal and gas and then pay them a fair wage, with the hopes that they in turn would purchase more metal and gas with the money they make and using our welder, weld for others and receive more income. Thus we would be helped, but ultimately they would then have a small business to sustain a family on. Well, today we found that someone and we are so excited.
The team spent the rest of the day playing with the children and saying goodbye which
is so hard to do.
Tomorrow in the late morning the team will travel to a mission we know in Bercy, drop off their things and then go into Port-au-Prince. One of our translators knows the Pastor in one of the tent cities. The team will be bringing food, medical supplies, clothing and shoes to the people and they will do ministry and have a worship service. Please pray for safe travel, the right connections and God to go before them and prepare the way. They will go back to Bercy to spend the night.
Tomorrow we also have another container that is suppose to be sailing to Haiti.
This is the 40 foot container with the church and school benches that our volunteers worked on. It also has musical instruments, more medical supplies, clothing, shoes and a huge commercial three section stainless steel sink for our kitchen. All of this is packed in the first 20 feet, then in the remaining 20 feet is food that was donated to us by Feed My Starving Children, they have given us 121,176 meals according to their records. Again we would ask for your prayers, it is such a battle to get things shipped to Haiti and then get them off the docks and safely to our orphanage. We so appreciate your prayers.

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