Monday, October 25, 2010

The team was up bright and early this morning. They were up the mountain to pray by 6:00. They spent time praying for Haiti and it's people,the community of Marose, the orphanage and the different ministries in Haiti.
Later on, the team started measuring, photographing and praying over the children in our Marose school. They are about 1/2 way done and hopefully will have time to finish up tomorrow morning.
The Pastor's association meeting went very well. They are a group that expects God to be in their midst, and therefore are not disappointed. They usually leave feeling filled and encouraged. Mike and Nathan really look forward to meting with them.
Mike spent a little time speaking to the women of the community about Cholera. He shared ways of prevention and what some of the symptoms are. Some of the things seem
so practical to us like not washing your vegetables in the river. But to them the water looks clean and they have always washed their vegetables in the river. Then some of the women on the team also spent time talking to them about health issues and shared with them and encouraged them. The team has also held whole community meetings discussing the prevention of cholera along with other health issues.
One of the men on our team got a bug bite today and had an allergic reaction. Dr. Ralph treated him and he seems to be doing fine now. Please continue to lift the team
and orphanage up in prayer. The Holy Spirit has definitely been moving and with that
seems to come some opposition sometimes.
Later in the day a man brought his wife to the medical clinic and said that some one had wanted to talk to her. Mike asked around and could not figure out who that had been, Wendy(one of the women on the team)gave her one of the little packets they had passed out during the meeting with the women. The women then said she had pain in her stomach. Mike asked her if she wanted prayer and if she was a christian. She said no she did not believe in God, so after talking with her for a while and making sure she understood what being a christian was he lead her to accept Christ.
Mike and Nathan believe the Holy Spirit is really moving in the area and so tomorrow the team will be splitting into two groups, one will be with Mike and one with Pastor Nathan. They are then going to go from house to house in the community and evangelize. Mike thinks this will be around 3:00 to 4:00 pm. They are two hours ahead of us right now. So this would be around 1:00 or 2:00 our time. Please pray for God to go ahead of them and prepare hearts.
Tomorrow around lunch time the team will be going to Gonaives to feed the poorest of the poor again. I have talked about this ministry before. There are pictures on the blog and stories for those of you who are new to our prayer partner e-mails. Just go to the bottom of the page and click on older posts until you get to the June 21st 2010 posting. There are quite a few photos and an explanation. Please remember to pray for the team and the children they will be ministering to, they tend to break your heart. Thank you for the time you take to pray for the team and our ministry it makes all the difference.
Many Blessings,

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