Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today the team traveled to Bercy and then Port-au-Prince. They visited one of the tent cities that our translator knew the pastor of. Mike said that it was really sad to see all the people and the conditions they are living in.They talked with and prayed with the two pastors there, who are trying to help. He said there were about 10,000 people in the camp. Their tarps and tents were worn out and full of holes, some had multiple layers of tarps full of holes, so there was really no shelter for them when it rained. There was no shelter for a church or a school, so there was no school for the children. He said they found out that the nearest water source was a two hour walk away from the tent city. When they passed out the supplies (mostly food) that they brought, it ran out before the line did. They prayed over people in line waiting to see a doctor. The people wanted them to.
There was a small medical staff of about 5 people for all of the people in the camp, as far as he could tell. Please pray that the Cholera does not spread to these camps. They would not be able to control it. It is hard to believe that 9 1/2 months after an earthquake that this many people could still be displaced and with out even the very basics to survive. And no hope for any change. And this is one of many tent cities. Please pray for His mercy over these people, pray for hope to come to them.
Please pray for the team also as they travel from Bercy to Port-au-Prince and fly home. Please pray for good connections and safe travel. And please pray for the team as they try to put into perspective what they have seen and experienced, as they try to figure out what their part is in all of this. I truly believe that we are all here for a purpose and we each need to find out what that purpose is.

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