Sunday, July 2, 2017


Hope you are all well and enjoying summer to its fullest. Most of our prayer partners range from Canada, through the pacific northwest and down into California. Although we have them scattered else where:) I know most of you have shared that summer weather has finally come to you.  As I write it is still 90 degrees in our home at 1:00 am in the morning and the humidity is 79%. Kind of hot and sticky. Hope all of you have less humidity where you are.

Once again we have exciting news to share. In the previous prayer partner email I shared, that tonight, Sunday, we would hold a dedication/worship night on the property in Badjo. This is the piece of property that we are hoping to build a church and school  on. We walked around the property, praying and claiming the land that had once been used for voodoo and was now going to be used for God. We again felt led to drive a stake in the ground. I will post photos on the blog. We had an awesome worship with Nathan leading and then Mike shared. After that, Nathan had everyone pick up a rock and take it home, as a reminder to pray for Badjo. We would love it if you would join us by finding a rock and using it to remind you to pray for Badjo with us.

We have been warned that our spiritual battles in Pass Rein, which were many, real and hard, including but not limited to 4 assassination attempts, will be considered little league compared to the battles we will face in Badjo. There are many who are afraid to come worship and pray with us in Badjo and the surrounding area. Interestingly though tonight many from Pass Rein came down from the mountain to pray and worship with us. They fully understand what is involved and the risks, but they also fully understand how God changed Pass Rein and the blessings. The stake represents 'that we know - that we know - God has called us into this land of darkness'. ​Just tonight Nathan told me that many are worried for Nathan and us. I replied that unless we break the strong holds in Jesus' name Haiti will never be free to be who they were created to be. So we walk forward and desperately need your covering in prayer.

One really cool story that came out of tonight is about one of the men I mentioned in a prayer partner a while ago. His name is Jack's and he spends his time teaching adolescent girls how to  raise zombies from the dead. Evil. Well Nathan had asked the man who sold us the first piece of land and the farmer who sold us the second connecting piece of land, to please clear the crops off of the land as they were ready to be harvested and we wanted the land clear for tonight. The farmer finally harvested his crops from the land yesterday, leaving Nathan only the first part of today to have the rest of the land cleared. This morning he was on the piece of property looking at it and calling people to find some one willing to come and clear it. While he was there, it just so happened that Jack's came walking by and asked Nathan what he was doing. When Nathan told him, he replied "I can clear it with a few of my voodoo friends no problem" So they came and cleared the land. Amazing in and of itself. This evening Nathan was speaking and Jack's just happened to be walking by again, the land is on a main dirt road through Badjo and Mapou. He called out to Jack's to come and he gave credit for clearing the land to Jack's and his friends. They even did it for free. Nathan commented that it should have been Christians that helped, but instead it was some voodoo guys. So after Nathan asked him to come over, sheepishly Jack's came up to the front and Nathan gave the mic to him so he could speak. He said he and his friends had willingly helped and the only other thing he could say was that "when he was on the land he could feel Jesus in the air"! Is that cool or what ! God is so amazing. He then said that "he wanted to become a Christian, but wasn't ready yet. Would we please pray for him". PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYING FOR JACK'S! This is huge, he is one of the BIG Boko's in the area. 

Many of you have also asked about how the pastor's "Life Giving Conference" went. It went very well, thank you so much for praying. We had thought there would be around 100 pastor's and leaders attending. There were 200 pastor's and leaders on each of the three days. They were very receptive. Mike was approached by a couple of pastor's that would like a recording of the conference to play on a radio station in Cap Haitian, the second largest city in Haiti. We have a Haitian friend who is working on editing and finishing the video recording. Please also be praying for this project as it would reach so many. One of the highlights of the conference was a prayer ministry time for the pastor's. This is something that never happens here and the pastor's were blessed to have a safe place to ask for prayer. I shared in the last email about the contents of the conference, but one interesting thing that happened was some pastor's came forward and asked for a certificate showing they had attended the conference all three days. Mike's response was that he was going to send out spy's to check and see if they were applying what they had learned in their churches, marriage, family and life. If after 3 months they were still applying it he would happily give them a certificate. They all busted up laughing, but the point of being 'doers not just hearers' was made.

So once again I am asking you to join us in prayer. There is a lot to be praying for. But, prayers move mountains and we have a few that need to be moved. Please join us and thank you ahead of time for your faithfulness. 


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