Sunday, July 9, 2017


I wanted to give some updates. We so appreciate your prayer coverage. I know many of you have been wondering how our friends and others in the 100 Mile, Caribou area of B.C. are doing. The fire is not contained yet and they are estimating that it has grown to 3,200  hectares. It is only one of hundreds of forest fires in B.C. right now. There is another one that they say has grown to 4000 hectares near Ashcroft. Which I believe is about an hour from 100 Mile. Jay and Kathy's son lives there. Kathy and also Kim, another friend in 100 mile both say that the winds have changed and are headed their way. Please continue to pray for these families and the firefighters, who must be exhausted by now. Also continue to pray for the livestock. Some have been able to transport horses to safety, but not their cattle. They desperately need all of us to pray. 

We also have another need for prayer here in Haiti. Antonio, one of our pastors that came forward and said he would like to help lead the church in Badjo, needs prayers. He made the commitment and then became very sick. On Friday he was told that he has prostrate cancer. While this is a physical disease, we believe it is a spiritual attack also. Please lift him up in prayer. He really needs your prayers. 

Two days ago Mike was in Badjo along with Nathan. Jacks, who I have talked about in previous e-mails, came along and Mike started talking with him. Jacks said he was still thinking about accepting Jesus into his life. Then he shared that Janette, the women who used to be a witch doctor in Badjo, who saw the vision of Jesus during the accident, and is now a Christian, is his sister. If you remember I also shared that she is visiting her brother in the U.S., he wanted her to come visit because he also used to be a witch doctor and is now a Christian. Well the sister and brother who are now both Christians are causing Jacks to think about Jesus. He says he is one of 5 children. Please keep praying for him, I think Jesus is knocking on his door.

Yesterday we held a wedding in our backyard. The couple was from Pass Rein and wanted a small wedding here. It was a fun day, My children and the older boys all helped to make the day special for them. I will post photos on the blog.

Again thank you so much for your faithful prayers, they are a life line to this ministry. 


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